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Sunday, 15-Jan-2006 00:00
Commander's Update!
15 January 2006

Warlord Family and Friends,

We are two weeks into our New Year and I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. The Men of Task Force 2/2 continue to perform magnificently and make me proud through their selfless duty. We continue to grow closer to the completion of our deployment and mission accomplishment. Our top priority remains the development of the Iraqi Army. Over the deployment, we have continually worked to develop and improve our fellow battalion, 1-4-1 Iraq Army. They were the first to assume their own battlespace in the Al Anbar Province. Now they have moved to a new and more difficult town, assuming independent control. In doing so, they have shown their character and determination to take control in securing Iraq’s future. This success exemplifies the hard work of the entire Task Force to achieve a significant goal. It required continual, daily dedication to training and mentoring along with original thinking to work through emerging problems. In all cases, the Marines’ performance was fantastic and they can be proud of this accomplishment.

With this achievement, we continue to press hard and keep the enemy on its heels so they don’t have time to catch their breath. Even with the end in sight, we must maintain pressure and remain disciplined and dedicated to the mission. Ours is one piece of a much larger puzzle and we have to do our share so that the Division and Coalition can achieve its goals in Iraq.

I look forward to getting the battalion home and out on some well deserved leave. The leave period will begin somewhere around 21 February and continue to approximately 20 March 2006. The start date will not be firm until after flight dates are validated. As we get closer, we’ll provide greater fidelity on the official leave dates. In that, please do not commit yourself to plans that cannot be changed. I feel safe in saying you can commit to plans with a start date of 28 February and an end date no later than 12 March. Be sure to plan smart in order to get your Marine back from leave on time.

When we return, the Main Body will arrive at Geottge Field House (we’ll post directions on the website). This is a change from last year, when it was at the battalion CP. Camp Lejeune weather in January can be harsh so we are planning on having a warm, dry location big enough for the families and friends to wait for our arrival. Please do not go to Cherry Point in hopes of meeting your Marine there. He will not be allowed to join family and friends until after we all arrive at Camp Lejeune. This is for accountability and security reasons. Please be patient. Upon return, your Warlord will get the rest of the arrival day off as well as the day after arrival. We will then return to work to complete post-deployment requirements. By taking only one day off, we can begin our leave period sooner.

Information on the arrival of the Main Body can be obtained by calling our 1-800 number. We will also publish the number of our Command Post (CP) on this website in our last newsletter, February 1st. At our CP, a Marine will be able to provide an approximate arrival date and time of your Marine or Sailor at Camp Lejeune. You must know his full name.

We are all very excited to get home to our loved ones. It becomes increasingly difficult to think of much else. However, the importance of our deployment and lethality of the enemy keeps our focus on each patrol and mission. I’ll continue to reinforce the importance of remaining vigilant and disciplined down the “home stretch”. Please assist my leaders by reminding your Warlords the dangers of becoming complacent in the final weeks.

Again, I’m pleased to announce another addition to our Warlord family. LCpl Brian Kline and wife Angela are proud to report the birth of their daughter Isabella. I’m happy to say baby and Mom are both doing well. They soon will all be together and we wish them all the very best

It remains my humble pleasure to Command your husbands, sons, brothers and friends. I will never be able to express my appreciation for your support over the course of this demanding and noble deployment. Your generosity and assistance has been overwhelming. A special appreciation goes out to Jayme Alexander, Erin Dixon and their team of KVN coordinators, along with all the Warlord KV’s. You are awesome!! Our final Newsletter will hit the web 1 February. Until then, Take Care and God Bless.

I remain Semper Fidelis,

James J Minick

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