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Friday, 30-Dec-2005 00:00
2nd Battalion 2nd Marines Company G December 2005 Newsletter
Thought y'all might like to read the December newsletter for Da Boys of Company G! - JHD

2/2 Company G Raiders - December Newsletter


Company G Friends and Family,
It is great pride that I begin this newsletter with the news of the achievements of your Marines. The Marines of Company G, as part of the Coalition Forces in Iraq, helped secure the country of Iraq to facilitate safe and free elections for the people of Iraq. As we are a little “out of the loop” on news and current events and not able to know what is being said in the news, I can confidently tell you the elections were seen as a tremendous success by the people in Al-Karmah, Iraq. Your Marines have helped write a chapter of history that will forever been spoken about in the classrooms all over the world. While, such an achievement has not been without sacrifice, I hope we may all take solitude in knowing those sacrifices were not in vain and that we have truly made a difference for a nation of people that never even knew they could have a choice of government.
As the days and months have gone by, we have all kept a quiet count of the months and days remaining until we would reunite with our loved ones. As that day approaches, I ask for everyone’s understanding of the fact that the actual date of our return will be safeguarded for operational security purposes. As soon as it is safe to release the date, the date will be passed onto your Marines and to you. Currently, we are expected to return on or about the date that we were originally scheduled to return on. I also would like to ask all families and friends to not fall prey to the “rumor mill” of a return date. This will only cause those here and at home confusion about the real date of our return. I apologize for not being able to provide you with more information in which to make plans for the return, but rest assured I will keep you informed as we get more information.
I would also like to extend our “thanks” to all those who have supported us while deployed. The Marines have received a tremendous amount of letters and care packages. I could not have asked for more support for your Marines and it has certainly made life a little more bearable during their times away from family and friends.
I do not know if this letter will be received before Christmas and New Years, but from all the Raiders of Company G, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. See you soon.
GOD BLESS the USA and Semper Fidelis !

Captain Joel F. Schmidt, USMC

1stSgt’s Corner

The Marines of Company G have relocated to the city of Al Karmah and are now operating from 3 patrol bases known as OP3, Camp Delta, and temporarily the Iraqi Police Station. They completed an enormous amount of work at all three places in order to improve force protection and quality of life. I am impressed daily by the efforts of your sons and husbands. As a result of their tireless efforts the National Elections were a huge success and we had over 70 % voter turn out in our area of operations.
We would like to send our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and all are looking forward to our return in the New Year.
Congratulations to the following Marines that were promoted to their present rank on December 1st: Corporal’s Dix, Perry, Groves, Westfall, Mendoza, and Park. Lance Corporal’s Brush, Burdick, and Boggs, M. In addition we frocked Hospital Corpsman Third Class McMillan and Nieves to their present rank. Corporal Jesse Hill (G4) was promoted meritoriously on December 2nd. 1stLt Mulvaney, LCpl Brooks, and LCpl Csira were awarded the Purple Heart medal.

"This country was founded and built by people with great dreams and the courage to take great risks."

Operations and Events

As December comes to and end and I begin to summarize how much the Marines did during the past month, I can hardly believe we were able to do it all. We participated in four battalion-level operations, managed to significantly improve the force protection and quality of living conditions at our new OPs, train with and incorporate the Iraqi Army Battalion into the city of Al-Karmah, and continued to maintain a very intensive patrolling schedule in order to provide security to the people of Al-Karmah, Iraq.
During the first couple of weeks in December the Marines focused on conducting operations that disrupted the enemy within our new AO of Al-Karmah, Iraq. Part of the disruption of the enemy in our AO includes conducting combat patrols of the streets and alleyways of Al-Karmah in order to show the people they are safe from enemy intimidation. As a result of our patrolling efforts we have seen the local people begin to assist us in attempting to capture the enemy. It is a very difficult to convince the people to help us due to their fear of reprisal from the enemy, but we have made significant headway in interacting with the people in order to help them provide security for themselves.
Our efforts during the first weeks of December were successful well beyond our expectations. The people of Al-Karmah, despite the enemy’s best efforts, came out in record numbers to vote for their national leadership. We conducted several patrols during the day of elections at it was a amazing to see how proud the people were of their inked fingers, signaling that they voted.
In addition to the successful elections, Company G has been working with the 1st Battalion, 4th Brigade, 1st Division (1-4-1) of the Iraqi Army in order to prepare them for assuming their own AO within our Battalion’s AO. This is a monumental achievement for the Marines of Company G, the Battalion, the United States of America, and Iraq because it is a sign that the Iraqi Army is gaining proficiency and is preparing to take over the security of their own nation.
I am also happy to mention that your Marines were able to get their first break in a couple of months by returning to Camp Fallujah for more than just a few hours. Their return to Camp Fallujah allowed them to get a warm shower, hot chow in a chow hall, have access to computers and phones, and generally just relax a little bit. It was a well deserved break, and one that we should be able to maintain, so they are only out in the AO for about 8 days at time, then back at Camp Fallujah for four days. Again, a well deserved break.
As our date of return gets closer, I will continue to get more current information back to the Raiders’ families and friends about our date of return. I know all the Marines look forward to returning to the Good Old USA and spending time with family and friends.

KV Corner

I am very pleased to announce the birth of James Jeffery Cathey Jr. He was born on December 22, 2005. Weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and is 21 inches long. Mom and son are both doing well. Many have expressed their want to donate to the family and I will be glad to forward on any gift cards, checks, or gifts to Katherine Cathey. Please send them to my home address at 304 King Richard Court Jacksonville, NC 28546.

Time is getting closer to our Marines coming home! ? I am sure you are as excited about this as my children and I! I know it is difficult to not have an exact date, especially for those not here in Jacksonville. I also wanted to let everyone know that stop mail for our men will be on January 1st. I know that this news may be getting to you late, but I received it after the last newsletter went out. Sorry for this. I hope some of you have already heard this due to the marine parents web sight or from hearing it from others.

Please remember that Extreme outfitters in Jacksonville has a lot of Raider clothing and hats at a discounted price to family members. If you would like to show your support to our Raiders by wearing their logo for the homecoming this is the place to get it. Their phone number is (910) 355-2118.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me Christmas cards. I enjoyed reading all the wonderful words you have written me. I feel honored to help with this newsletter and be a support to the families of these fine warriors. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way in the future. May your New Year be filled with happiness and prosperity. God Bless you and yours,
Lisa Beth Schmidt

Comments from the Crowd

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” – LCpl Pope, LCpl Taylor
“Roll Tide” – LCpl Maples
“Perfection is just a drink away, Happy New Year” – LCpl Rogers
“Shakamaku” – LCpl Story
“Thank you for supporting us and Merry Christmas” – Sgt Bynum
“Raiders” – LCpl Brooks
“Happy Holidays” – LCpl Powell, LCpl Wilhelm, LCpl Marx, HN Hinson, LCpl Minks, HM3 Creager, Pvt Garcia, LCpl Lichty, LCpl Mullins, LCpl Nathaniel, LCpl Griffith, LCpl Milrot, and LCpl Walton.
“Happy Holidays and have a great year, love ya mom” – Justin (LCpl Herrington)
“Wishing you were here, just kidding, see you soon” – Lt Welch
“Well at least this year I have a real excuse not to visit the in-laws. War Eagle!” – SSgt Steiner
“Go Bangels” – Cpl Westfall
“Holidays are about celebrating with those you love. We are in your hearts and mind, that’s all you need to celebrate the holidays.” – Sergeant Donnelly
“I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” – Cpl Giusiti
“I would like to wish everyone back home a Happy Holidays” – LCpl Patterson
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All” –LCpl Jacquemin
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kristen, Mom, Dad, Nick, Kelly, and Grandma.” – LCpl Corder
“The envious hate the excellency they cannot achieve.” – Cpl Wade\"
“Merry Christmas Everyone” – LCpl Woods
“Dear Family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love you and miss you.” –Austin Collom
“Happy New Years and Reyes to Santiago Family.” –Cpl Santiago
“Merry Christmas to all.” –LCpl Muentes
“Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.” –Green, J.K
“Merry Christmas to all and all your family.” –Terrano, P.M.
“Merry Christmas to the Kefalides family, I miss and love all of you.” –Kefalides, N.G.
“Merry Christmas. Wish you were here with me.” –Morgan, T.W.
“Merry Christmas, where’s the mail.” –Wallace, L.A.
“To my beautiful wife Amanda, Merry Christmas! I love you babe !” Love, Tim Devine

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