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Introducing James Cathey, Jr.
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Introducing James

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Monday, 26-Dec-2005 00:00
James Cathey, Jr. arrives!
Katherine Cathey delivered her bouncing baby boy the other day. James Cathey, Jr! What a good lookin' little rascal he is. Ya' done good Kat and God Bless You and little James!

Be sure to check out the site. It has some really great video of Mom and the Newbie! :-D - JHD


Dec 26, 2005 1:34 pm US/Mountain

War Widow Finds Christmas Gift In Newborn Son

Bill Stuart

(CBS4) DENVER A woman who lost her husband in the Iraq war gave birth to their son a couple weeks before his due date. The early Christmas present brought hope and joy after a year of war and tragedy.

The baby will never meet his father. The father will live in this Christmas gift, sent to comfort grieving hearts on earth.

"I've been kind of afraid that once I had him I would get even more upset about Jim having passed away, but having him has actually helped me," Katherine Cathey, a widow and mother said.

Second Lt. James Cathey, Katherine's husband, died one month after he arrived in Iraq. He was killed instantly when he entered a booby trapped building ahead of the Marines under his command. Two days later, his wife Katherine learned that their baby would be a son.

Before Jim was buried, Katherine Cathey spent the last night with her husband. When she closed his coffin, she placed an ultrasound picture of their baby over his heart.

The baby was not due until Jan. 1. Early in the week before Christmas his mother and grandmother felt something was not right so they went into the hospital.

"They got a heartbeat when they put the monitor on but they weren't sensing that he was moving at all," Katherine said. "I was very scared."

Doctors rushed Katherine into the operating room.

"They all for the most part knew I had lost my husband and I couldn't go through losing the baby too," Katherine said.

After an emergency caesarean section, James Cathey Jr. (Jimmy, for short) arrived strong and healthy. He was an answer to so many prayers.

"I just looked at his face and that's when I started crying because I thought he's so beautiful," Katherine said. "I really feel like Jim has watched over me and the baby a lot."

Jim was the kind of son who would make any family proud. He graduated from CU with honors in just 3 years. He led his men by example. He had a sense of humor and he had a sense of honor. Although he never got the news, he knew in his heart that this baby would be a boy.

"His dad was such an amazing person that if he's anything like his dad he will be an amazing person too," Katherine said.

Jimmy also has an amazing mother.

"She's been so strong," one relative said. "She's been an inspiration to all of us."

Katherine Cathey, a widow before her first wedding anniversary, has a true Christmas gift.

"When Jim would sleep, he did this funny thing with his lips and the baby does the same thing," Katherine said. "I felt, in a way, like I had him back kind of. He makes me really happy. So happy that you cry."

Katherine has made a separate peace far from the battlefield that took her husband and Jimmy's father before his time.

"I'm at peace knowing that my husband loved me very much and I loved him very much," Katherine said. "We brought a child into this world. He's a miracle and he'll be something that will bring joy to my life for the rest of my life."

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